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3 Ways to Keep the Tush Firm After 40 – Midlife Support for Women

After 40, we tend to lose control of a lot of things.  The one mostly focused on has myriad names referring to it – butt, tush, rear end, backside, bum….just to name a few.  Whichever one you’re using, chances are you can win the good fight, if you choose to.

When I turned 30, I was very excited.   While at work that day, one of my male co-workers walked over to me and said “did your tush drop as yet”?  I smiled, but I really wasn’t sure what he was trying to say.  Later, I learned what he was referring to.  Apparently, things are supposed to start collapsing on us after a certain age.  Yes, I was a little naive for not catching on what he meant, but exercise was always part of my regime, so I couldn’t respond to the point he was trying to make.

From teenage years, I was a lover of the water.  I was always seeking out pools to do my swimming.  At that time, it wasn’t for fitness reasons, I just enjoyed being around a pool.

Exercise, no matter which method you choose (swimming, walking, running), is beneficial for a lot more than just looking good; it is essential for our overall well-being.  In terms of our buttocks (smiling), the best exercise for the glutes area, in my opinion, is the stepper.  There are a number of exercises and equipment that can give a toned backside.  For equipment, I like the stepper.  To me, it really tackles the area; I use it a lot.  It’s low impact, and it works.  Anything that involves leg pressing will do the trick.  I use the stepper at home and leg pressers when I’m at the gym.  I don’t have buns of steel, but these simple routines keep things rounded and in place (smiling ).  As far as exercise programs, you can seek out some bodybuilding exercises, body sculpting and Brazilian butt lift workouts; fitness rubber bands work wonders as well.  Whichever one you choose, you will know it is working because there will be pain in that area the next day.  Those are your muscles complaining that they were harassed.  That is precisely what you want to happen.  A few weeks of this, and you will be well on your way to having a bubble butt back there.  We all have different shapes in this area; work to define yours.  If nothing can be done, you can always take drastic measures by undergoing body sculpting surgery – whatever works for you.  The goal is for us to work to keep everything where it is supposed to be as we glide through the upcoming years.

Click here to view some options on owning a stepper, if you don’t have one already.  Having access to a stepper everyday not only helps with a fine-looking backside, it will assist in getting your cardio workout.  Cardo strengthens the heart, it helps manage high blood pressure, cholesterol, reduce the risk of diabetes, etc.  You will be in good health (physically as well as mentally).  I think that’s a good trade off for looking beautiful (smiling).



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