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Pretty Feet and Hands

It is said that you can tell someone’s age by their hands. I tend to differ a little with that statement. I believe if you make an effort to maintain your body, you will have good results regardless of your age group.

Like everything else, I try to pay attention to my hands and feet. I do it more so in the winter feetmonths because of the exposure to cold weather. Using heavy creams such as Avon Moisture Therapy (Intensive Healing and Repair).for the hands is one of my favorite products. I follow that up with a good pair of gloves to retain the moisture. For women of color, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula works wonders on removing blemishes and promoting even skin tone.

Same principles apply to the feet. Just because it can be easily covered up, is no reason to ignore its care. I have had moments of applying the moisturizer I use on my face to my feet for more aggressive treatments. For drier skin, A+D Ointment works wonders.

Situations such as bunions and crocked toes are sometimes genetic, but we all know the main culprit are those high instep and narrow-toe shoes that we love so much — yes, they are known to be the cause (nine times out of ten).  To avoid bunions, I have given up the high heels.  I also try to do feet exercises such as extending the big toe out while bending up and down a few times.  For good-toe alignment, I occasionally pull them apart — extending each toe in the opposite direction.

I have learned that every part of the body needs some form of exercise to retain its appearance.  You will be surprised at what you can accomplish when you go the extra mile to take care of you.


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    1. Cheryl Reply

      Hello there and welcome to MidLife Rises! I am happy to know you enjoyed the article. Keep taking pride in your appearance by always working to look your very best.

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