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About MLR – The Best Online Fashion Magazine for Women Over 40, 50…

Because wisdom is supposed to come with age, and when you have it, it’s a beautiful thing.  – Cheryl O.

MidLife Rises, Inc. is a high fashion magazine, gearing mostly to women 40 years and over.  Our focus is to broadcast, through media coverage and more, the superiority of you – giving the ones that are approaching this age group, the inspiration and hope to want to get there with enthusiasm and style.

We, at MidLife Rises, Inc. understand that it is quite common to feel alive and bloom at the age of 20.  We also recognize that it is another level at which you are able to maintain that disposition and send off light 20 plus years later.  It is at this time that the real skills are revealed.  Since we are aware of what it entails, we are here to ‘show and tell’.  We are here to promote and confirm why women in this bracket should be highly recognized and not scorned.

For those that are at this stage (40 and over), we will be your place of reference.  Stories from others will also be told to offer support to the upcoming.  Our goal is to comfortably get everyone to this place of maturity.  So before you cringe at the thought of your next birthday, try to welcome and embrace in the realization that you cannot achieve wisdom (knowledge, insight, perception) unless you have had the experiences.  Living through these occurrences are what, actually, enhance us and provide testimonies to share.  This beautiful cycle only comes with age.

Understanding the benefits of reaching advanced age, where you can effectively bloom, is an extreme blessing.  It is something to look forward to – not be ashamed of.  We will give you the tools needed to press on so that you can enthusiastically welcome your upcoming years.  Why?  Because wisdom is supposed to come with age, and when you have it, it’s a beautiful thing “Proverbs 3:15 “skillful and godly wisdom is more precious than rubies”.

Our mission is to actively assist you in having the right attitude towards the ‘golden years’ by offering you encouragement to press on.  We believe the magic takes effect when you are in the right state of mind and nature is taking its proper course.  When all of the above is in place, our job is accomplished in assisting to have you continuously shine your never-ending light.

For your convenience, we discuss various topics (beauty, success, and challenges) twice a month via television.  Please feel free to send in a request on what you would like to have covered.  Contact us at info@midliferises.com. We are here for you.

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