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Where Women Over 40 and Over 50 can Find the Best Fitting Sexy Jeans

Knowing where women over 40 and over 50 can find the best fitting sexy jeans is a serious task simply because our bodies undergo changes after this time.  To get the fit that will work with our physique, naturally, is one of the best things that could happen to a middle-aged woman.  We’ve been looking into this for you and are happy to say that we’ve got you covered.

We have connected with a company that specifically designs jeans wear to tackle the issues that women over 40 and over 50 have been battling with.  The constant fight to get the midsection, buttocks and legs to coordinate with the right pair of jeans are all being addressed and resolved here, so read on….

We all know that trendy and sexy clothes for midlife women are not openly discussed and are usually considered ‘off-limits’.  Instead, this group is thought of for items such as depend, knee replacements, and medication (smiling).  Luckily, we, at MidLife Rises have a broader focus in mind for you and that is to continuously work to egg you on with your fashion, business and entertainment needs.  For now, let’s talk fashion.

sexy jeans for women over 50  sexy jeans for women over 50 

A few months ago, an online store was launched on your behalf.  We are in the process of organizing the inventory, but, to date, our collection consists of new and pre-owned designer shoes, sexy dresses, custom-made fur coats, and inspirational shirts with sexy mid-life slogans.  The shirts are designed to assist in displaying your confidence as a middle-aged woman.  They are available in T-shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies.  Presently, we are adding sexy jeans to the selection.  There are multiple styles to accommodate the different body types of the over-40 woman, placing her in the limelight with the latest look (skinny, straight leg, ragged-edge, wide legged, cut up and high-waist jeans).  We will carry up to size 14, depending on the style.

Jeans wear for ladies over 40 and over 50 should not be significantly different to those of a younger woman.  The focus should be to cater to the physique and sizes of the various groups rather than their ages.  If women over 40 or over 50 can pull off a style because their bodies are in shape, they should be commended not prohibited.  It is at another level to get to middle-age and still have the stamina to work to maintain your figure; so yes, these women should absolutely be praised!


Of course, we should all be mindful of trying to go with styles that work.  For example, wearing excessive cut-up jeans when our legs are not fully toned would be a very bad idea (smiling).  Including a pair of tights below will make the world of difference and would display a more respectable and fashionable look.  Good judgement needs to be in place no matter what age group we are in.  Fashion for ladies over 40 and over 50 can be tricky but there should not be a cut-off date.  With that being said, let’s go over what we have to offer.

The mid-section of a woman begins to drastically change after the age of 40.  Most times, it is due to childbearing but can also be good-old genetics.  If you are active at the gym, there can be delays but, typically, funky things begin to take place with this part of the body for women over 40.  To assist with these challenges, we have high-waist jeans wear that is specifically cut to hold in this area.  It is designed to work like a belly band to give a flat-tummy effect, naturally.  You can show off the upper part of the jeans with a belt or cover up with a pull-over sweater.  Either way, it will hold in the bulge and take care of any love handles (fat on the sides) – giving you a flat and smooth look. These are wide-leg three-quarter denim jeans, which are also great for sporting stylish ankle boots.

(examples showing the stomach and back areas)



The backside is another battle for the mid-life woman.  Like myself, some women have a long torso, making the buttocks appear lower.  Others report this area taking a nose-dive after 40 (smiling).  I wasn’t aware of this fact until the day of my 30th birthday a male co-worker came up to me and jokingly said ‘so, did the tosh drop yet?’ That was funny!  I had no idea what he was talking about at the time.  Well, the designers tackled this issue as well.  These jeans come with a special dart to give the butt a slight lift to have a more rounded look.

Most styles are available as skinny jeans and come in a stretch material to adjust to the various leg sizes accordingly.  As mentioned earlier, the wide-leg option will be offered in denim wear.


Our aim is to be one of the best online clothing stores for women over 40 and over 50.  We are still building our inventory but will continue to work to provide you with the tools needed to keep you looking your best in midlife years.  Your part will just be to continue to persevere.

The jeans wear range from $95 to $120 retail in stores.  We are offering all styles at $69.99 with free shipping.  You will have a wide selection to choose from (raw hemmed, skinny, straight and wide-leg, high-waist, etc.).  We are not talking the norm (domestic looks) here, ladies.  Our idea for you, as a woman over 40, is to pair you up with the perfecting fitting jeans to have you looking hot and feeling sexy.  So, pull out the dress jackets along with those designer shoes and step out.  We have carved the path for you to show what you are made of.  Go ahead and get back comfortable with it!

Click here to visit the store and select a style that best fits you.


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