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Perfect Posture for Women in Midlife – The Benefit of Having Good Posture After Age 40

A person’s posture shows a lot more than bad body alignment. It signifies their self image and how they really feel about themselves. For example, someone that stands upright displays full confidence and optimism. Whereas, a person that slouches and walks with rounded shoulders is one that might be insecure and lacks self esteem.

Bad posture goes much more in dept than our appearances and how we feel about ourselves.  It can actually cause negative health conditions. Maintaining a straight spine prevents serious ailments from occurring.

The nervous system resides in the spine. And because it is the highway of communication to our entire body, a bent one could interfere with the flow of things – causing a breakdown of important messages to various body parts. When this occurs, health problems such as depression, stress and digestive issues can begin. So the next time you are observing yourself in a pass-by mirror, remember that your image is reflecting a whole lot more than your physique; it is displaying your mental and physical health.


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