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Natural Cellulite Removal Treatment – Beauty Support for Midlife Women

Cellulite – the look of dimples on the skin that haunts every woman at some point in time.  Yes, we are all well familiar with it.  Cellulite can occur at anytime but is more rampant among women – particularly, ones that are over the age of 30.  It can appear earlier, but we are going to target this time.

For me, I was battling cellulite in my late 20’s.  Even though I was thin, I still found myself running off to grab those seaweed wraps at my favorite spot in Manhattan (Anushka).  I looked forward to it, and when I was there, it usually meant something special was going on (birthday, vacation, etc.).  I would get a full treatment.  First, I had to take a shower with a soap that had thorns (smiling).  I was then folded in a heated seaweed wrap for 20 minutes.  Later, I would have to drink lots of water to do the flushing thing.  Apparently, drinking water at the end was a big part of the process.

I learned to follow these steps at home on a smaller scale.  It is a simple routine of doing a body scrub with a soft brush in circular motion.  Working it in upward towards the heart is said to also be beneficial.  This is done to harass the area with the intention of breaking down the cellulite.

Cellulite is caused by a number of things.  Because of our diet and environment, we accumulate toxin build up.  This is one of the main culprits of cellulite, and it resides in the cells under the skin.  Lack of exercise and genetics are all factors of the problem. Performing the following, could significantly help you on your way to battling those lumps and bumps.

Skin Brushingnatural cellulite removal treatment

Massaging the skin with a brush or anything that has grains (coffee, sugar, sand) will accomplish the task of getting the blood moving. Problem areas are normally the abdomen, buttocks, and thigh.  Once the blood is circulated, being armed with a good hot cream completes the process.  This step helps to break down the toxins, giving a smoother appearance to the skin.


Sweating also removes the toxins from the body.  Places such as a steam room or sauna could be a big help here since it forces you to sweat. There is always that controversy on which is better.  I prefer the steam room but is starting to use the sauna a little more now.  It is getting higher scores in terms of the benefits provided.  They are both great for the purpose of this article; it’s all about getting the toxins out.


Water drinking plays an important role in this process.  It is needed to flush out the toxins once they are broken down.  It is also recommended that you follow through with this step to replace the water lost during your sauna and steam-room sessions. This part is extremely important for the removal of the toxins as well as you staying hydrated.

Applying a Cream

I learned from the professionals that following up with a good hot cream is essential to the process of battling cellulite.  It is known to assist with breaking down the toxins.  Below, please find a full description of one of our affiliate’s  products.  It is called ‘Defining Cream’ and also comes highly recommended for giving the skin a smoother appearance.  it is one of my favorites; I love it!

We recommend some of these products to assist in keeping you sexy in your midlife. There is a mini-body wrap that you can use as needed in the privacy of your own home rather than a spa (yippee!).  It is placed in most problem areas to assist in the combat with weight loss and cellulite. The two discussed in this article are illustrated below.  To learn more about these products, simply click on the item or designated link.  We have tried these products ourselves so we can vouch for them..

Defining Gel

The Defining Gel is known for enhancing, tightening, toning parts of the body while moisturizing and giving firming results. This is one of my most favorite items with It Works.  The gel helps to firm problem areas such as the legs, abdomen, upper arms — pretty much anywhere that that the skin texture needs improving; it is amazing!.  It’s the perfect companion to their Ultimate Body Applicator (body wraps).  Click on link to see more details.

Note:  Acquiring this product here first will afford you the freedom of testing it before committing to future purchases.

Note:  The defining gel is also helpful with varicose veins.

Ultimate Body Applicator (mini-body wraps)


These mini body wraps are lined with some ingredients that go to work for 45 minutes on your body.  You can place them on various parts of the body (stomach, neck, legs and arms).  When I used it, I would leave it on for more than the 45 minutes.  What I noticed was that it gave the skin a more healthy texture, especially on the neck area.  I didn’t use the wraps for weight loss but most people do.  I liked it for toning and tightening.  Every so often products come along that I feel good about; these are some of them.  If you use them as described in this article, you should be good to go.







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