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Tips on Fighting off the Fall and Winter Blues – Midlife Support for Women Over 40

Preparing for the fall and winter season can be a depressing time for most because of what occurs — falling leaves, projecting naked trees; temperature drops; and time turning back, becoming dark as early as 4 pm.  With all of this going on, it makes it really hard to be chipper and bubbly.  I’ve, actually, gotten better over the years with this because I hated the fall.  For me, it meant the end of the summer season, and so I would go into this mode of gloom just because.  I, absolutely, love the warm weather and having the greens removed from the trees, along with the sun deciding to hide itself, caused this period to take its toll on me.

I’ve learned to be more accommodating of the seasons by improvising.  I take trips to a near-by state once this time came around – one that is known for its sunshine (Florida).  I would run off to Miami to cut down on the period (the fall).  I would, then, work my way into the winter months by looking forward to the Christmas season, which is one of my most favorite time of the year.  Even though I’m not crazy about the cold weather, I love when Christmastime comes around, especially in New York City.  Preparing for New Year’s Eve is another pleasant distraction that I welcome.

I bought a semi-fur coat to have something to help battle the frost.  I now find myself looking forward to it gearing towards the single digits just so that I can sport the coat – it’s all about finding ways to cope (smiling).

After this session of gloom and coldness, the spring finds its way back around again where the leaves begin to bloom in preparation for the summer, bringing back the sunshine and late night-falls (after 8pm); yippee!

Some women, actually, report favoring the fall season.  They’ve indicated that the temperature is perfect around this time – describing it as ‘not too hot or cold’.  I look forward to doing the dragon thing whenever possible, in that, I like to breathe heat (smiling).  I swim so the warmer it gets, the more inviting it is to run off to the nearest beach or pool.

Another group prefer the fall because they enjoy the changes that take place with the leaves.  I had a friend that looked forward to driving upstate New York to get a glimpse of the orange-like leaves as well as buy bottles of apple cider for the holidays.  I went along one time but was not as ecstatic about the whole thing as he was.  We all have our own thrills.  The point here is to recognize what does it for you and gear towards that to ensure your comfort and happiness.

It is a known fact that a lack of sunshine can bring on depression so when we are working our way up to those winter months, it’s best to find something good about it.  Identify what tickles your fancy and go for it.  Your perception/reception to what is taking place will be the deciding factor on how happy you are going to be through any season, so take it all in and try to welcome, enjoy and appreciate each one as nature intended.


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