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Where to find designer shoes for women over 40 is one thing but the real question is ‘where to find large-size designer shoes for these women’?  This is a very sensitive question!  For some reason, finding sizes 9 and up are a major task for women.  It is understood that most shoe stores bring in just one to two of these sizes at a time.  It has always been a challenge, particularly, with designer shoes.  And when you start talking ‘large-size-discounted designer shoes for women’, that is an absolute ‘no’.  Why we are not being considered in this area has not been answered to date.

I love fashion, as most women do.  Starting out early in fashion modeling, I have always been conscious of putting myself together.  Although I have a passion for clothes, my true weakness is all about the shoes; I love a great pair of designer shoes.  Large size women’s dress shoes are almost always unavailable.  It is very frustrating seeing the perfect pair of shoes and not being able to get your size.  It is like a child not getting their wish at Christmastime.

No matter what’s being worn on top, if it’s paired off with the right pair of shoes, a great story can be told.  The old adage ‘you can tell a man by his shoes’ applies to women as well; we just don’t get the same benefit of having access to the sizes (smiling).

I am always on the look out for a hot pair of designer shoes.  When I find them, getting my size (10’s) is always a task.  When you are at the major department stores, your chances are much better at having access to the larger sizes, but you will be hit up with raw prices as opposed to catching the discounts. I usually joke around saying ‘being in this environment with a selection of designer shoes is like an alcoholic in a liquor store’ – that is how badly I have it (smiling).  My weakness for shoes is like being a drug addict or an alcoholic

In my 50’s, I am still passionate about finding that perfect pair of designer shoes.  I’m just more conscious now at how much I want to spend for the unique-looking ones — we all know you can easily go close to $1000 for those.  One year, I remember walking through a store and admiring a gold pair of Coach slippers in my size (10’s).  When I tried to walk away, it actually called me back — by name (smiling).  Yes, I had to give in and buy them.  Nothing compares to having access to large sizes of that perfect pair of designer’s shoes when you meet them (size 9 and up)!  And when you find ones that’s fit for women over 40 and over 50 — midlife women, well, there are no words!  

We just added a new collection of shoes and boots to our online store for women over 40.  We are laser focused on catering to your unique style, giving you innumerable  ways to express yourself.  Being a middle-aged woman (over 40; over 50, etc.), should not stop at fighting off hot flashes but used to show off our own individual and unique style; looking hot in every sense of the way!

At MidLife Rises, we are here to assist in helping you to accomplishing that task.  We want to have you broadcast your sophisticated,  fashionable style.  And that starts with the perfect pair of designer’s shoes or boots.  In addition to providing you with glamorous styles, we offer a variety of large sizes with the right heels.

Wearing very high heels with no support is not something we should be doing at this stage.  If you’ve managed to get away from the outcome of dealing with items such as corns and bunions — repercussions of wearing the wrong pairs of shoes in your early teens, twenties and thirties, you certainly do not want to get caught now.  Even though I was guilty of this years ago, I try to stay away from certain makes of shoes.  We really do begin to see the outcome of our choices when we get over 40 and over 50. 

We have your back, in that, all of our styles are taking this fact into consideration.  We have put out various looks that would allow you to be your glamorous and poised self safely and uniquely.  Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too!  Click here to see the collection we have set out just for you!


We also launched some over-40 inspirational shirts to egg you on in publicizing your confidence.  Check them out and support us by choosing one that best fits your style.




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