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How to Maintain Inner Peace in Midlife

Knowing how to find peace within ourselves takes knowledge, no doubt. Maintaining that peace has always been challenging for midlife men and women – more so now in these unprecedented times. We are living in great turmoil because of Covid-19, so a lot of us are experiencing tribulations, understandably so! Given the situation, why we are not living more harmoniously with one another remains a mystery. I believe one of the reasons for our battles is due to the lack of inner peace, which in turn, causes these negative and disturbing behaviors to take us over.

When we endure on-going harmful or harsh experiences, it is a natural response to become angry and sometimes insecure about the future. This, no doubt, influences our outlook on life. Not understanding how to cope with these happenings, most of us start to do damaging self-talks and eventually begin to create our own negative and private- television show on what is really going on. This is where our problems begin.

When we convince ourselves that the above-mentioned episodes are indeed taking place, we subconsciously bring these stories to life – robbing ourselves of items that are needed to have the serenity we all so desperately need in our daily lives. This unsettled spirit causes us (both men and women) to spiral into a ball of confusion where we lose track of how to get back in that place of peacefulness so that we can live a happy, more fulfilling life. These feelings, eventually, cause some of us to become envious of and target ones that show signs of having this light and tranquility – to try and lower them into our world of darkness.

Years back, this vicious cycle was referred to as ‘Satan (the enemy)’. It is understood (even to this day) that this is how he snatches our peace away from us. It is also known that the only way to really fight off this kind of force is by praying. No matter what our religion is, the method to dealing with this energy is through prayers. When we use this approach, it places a shield before us that no one quite understands. So many of us are being persecuted in this manner! And not understanding what is really taking place, we take the wrong turn by giving in to the torture rather than going to the right source to help us with the silent battle. Fighting with prayers is the way to go in finding our inner peace and happiness against this force.

I am not an expert on parts of the bible, but it does say in Ephesians 6:12 that ‘we are not wrestling against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places.’ I believe this to be true from my own personal experiences and understand that the only way to battle against these kinds of energies is with the above-mention tool. When we give life to our private stories without the right assistance (prayers), we open ourselves up to negative emotions such as anger, bitterness, vindictiveness, etc.; hence, robbing us of the things that bring us inner peace; it is that simple!

Sadly, the ones that are having these experiences are losing the fight simply because they are being tormented beyond control and do not understand which route to take. Because of the times we are in, some do not have the luxury of doing what they normally do, which is to take their frustrations out on someone else (smiling). The old adage ‘misery likes company’ is a fact; it is almost, like, ‘second nature’. Instead of looking around to find ones that look remotely peaceful to pull into our world of despair, we should be seeking out ways to help us find the inner peace and tranquility we need to conduct happier lifestyles; prayers is the answer!

Knowing how to trigger inner peace and happiness in midlife years (after age 40; after age 50) is a good thing. It is especially beneficial for keeping us in high spirits. When we have this kind of disposition, we are naturally better, more pleasant people to be around.

Fighting off the enemy is something we all need to learn how to do to maintain our inner peace. Having this peace from within not only keeps us high spirited but gives us fruit of the spirit (love, gentleness, self-control, etc.). It also helps us to stay healthy and happy throughout our midlife (after age 40 and age 50). So, if you really want to know how to find inner peace to have happiness and balance in your life, the answer is through prayers and not by way of robbing others of their rights to the light and tranquility that we were all, initially, blessed with.


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